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-5 Venados
-Machine One
"5 Venados / La Leyenda de los Venados Wixarikas" - Museo del Chopo - Animasivo 2012
En Colaboración con el Colectivo Viumasters: Carlos Gamboa y Esteban Azuela
Its an instalation that projects and tells the story of the pilgrimage of the Wixarika (huichol) gods from San Blas, Nayarit(Xapa Wuyeme) to the mountain range of Catorce in San Luis Potosí(Wirikuta). An epic journey lead by the blue deer(kauyumae) that builds a ritual and ceremonial map that is essential for understanding the religión and cosmology of the Wixarika people. The instalation consists of a central stucture equipped with 2 homemade roller system that is moved by recicled microwave motors that make an acetate film move in opposite directions, this in order to make the background of the animation. On each side of the structure a slide projector (hectagraphic) is placed with a frame by frame animation that depicts the deer that are the main characters of the story.